Music Distribution

New vision for music distribution

An ageing tech platform which had outgrew the user-base needed revamping



  • Competitive analysis
  • User-interface design
  • Wireframing
  • Mobile design
  • Developer collaboration


  • A fully-detailed journey map
  • Wireframes
  • User-interface designs
  • High-fidelity prototype

The problem

A deep understanding of the problem was the first step

The client knew the problem but didn’t fully grasp what the solution would be. They were hugely experienced in the music industry but had outgrown their tech, platform and issues with the release builder where causing more support tickets than anything else. The first challenge was to understand the biggest problems / pain points.

Existing platform

Competitive analysis

The competitive analysis gave us an insight into how other music distribution companies approach the music release journey. We wanted to rip up the rule book and look at every question in detail. We began to identify our differentiators and where others were failing.

User mapping

After workshops accelerated progress on the project.  Gathering technical, design, analysts, and music experts all together meant we were all on the same page from the off.


The Solution

An iterative and lean design approach

Map, simplify, and repeat

Together with the client, we spent a good proportion of time iterating over the journey map. It’s important to build a strong journey foundation before thinking about layout. We would go on to use the new map throughout the whole project to help conversation, support the developers and act as a springboard to quickly produce the final wireframes.


By previously designing and implementing a design language for the business, we didn’t have to make strongly opinionated design decisions and could move quickly to build up the page templates. Working in this way also allowed us to be lean. We could create a wireframe and share the layout idea quite rapidly.

Changing the user flow


Journey Mapping


Responsive Design

Paul has a result driven approach to projects, with a constant focus on the end goal. His communication skills are on par with his technical skills.

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